Why Choose Our Training?

Instructor has over 20 years of public practice experience, has prepared thousands of personal and corporate tax returns and trained thousands of students

Courses focus on the practical side of preparing tax returns. Most students have studied the theory but don’t have any experience preparing actual tax returns.

All the course content is delivered via online video tutorials that can be accessed anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means your staff can keep coming back for refreshers rather than disturb you or your professional staff with general questions

The courses are delivered in bite-sized tutorials so when they do come back for a refresher, it will be easy to scroll through the material to find what they are looking for. No tedious fast forwarding or rewinding of long videos

General questions on course material can be asked within the course and will be answered by the course instructor so you don’t have to worry about dealing with these types of training questions

Actual examples of tax returns done with professional software (Intuit Profile used in all courses). This means that they not only learn the rules and theory, but they can actually see how it applies to actual real-world tax returns. This means they’ll be familiar with and have exposure to tax software along with the rules

The courses are jam packed with real world examples and personal tips on how to deal with situations, clients and what to expect from the Canada Revenue Agency

The courses also include all the questions asked by enrolled students and the related instructor answers. This means the course is a growing knowledge base and many student questions have already been answered.



Once you purchase one of the above packages just email us at [email protected] with the subject License Request.


In the email, let us know the following:

Your Name

Name of your firm 

Firm Address

Package Purchased (T1 Training, T2 Training, T1/T2 Training) 

You do not have to provide names or emails of your staff. 


We will then send you a URL with the registration link that you will provide your staff members to sign into the course and get started. They will be able to use their own email address and password to register.

You will then have an additional 5 registration slots open for your staff (your own registration is included in the price so you will have a total of 6 slots).


This firm registration process is necessary as the licenses are only available to accounting firms, tax preparation, bookkeeping & investment firms.

Once we confirm that a firm or practitioner is requesting the training, the user registration link will be sent

These packages and licenses are not available to individuals. We have the right to refuse license registration to anyone we consider to not meet the firm criteria.